Bringing the joy of the in-store experience online


  • Sprint duration: 2-weeks
  • Brief type: Concept
  • Deliverables: Mid-fidelity prototype and project presentation
  • Tools used: Miro, Trello and Figma
  • Team: 6 for the research phase, solo for the define, develop and deliver phases




Discover: Learning about users through research

User Interviews

A user interview I conducted via Zoom
  • Users generally prefer to shop online due to convenience, large product selections and discounts
  • They prioritise websites with smooth checkouts, multiple delivery options and PayPal
  • But, when shopping for art supplies, users prefer to shop in-store
  • They want to see and feel the colour and quality of art products before buying them

“The thing about art supplies is that they’re very tactile, I want to see and feel a type of paper before I buy it.” — Isabella, 27, London

Competitor Research

Feature comparison chart
  • The features, about us, wish list, reviews and recommendations were popular amongst both these competitor groups
  • Only 2 competitors had a live chat function with customer service efforts being focused on email and telephone
Competitor quadrant map

Understanding how users categorise products

Site map designed with findings from card sorts

Define: Defining the users core challenges

User persona

Meet my persona Jane

Jane’s Problem

Jane needs to buy a marker pen set for her art classes. She’s got a budget of £200. She’d like to seek advice from an expert before she makes this purchase.

The solution

Here’s a preview of the mid-fidelity chat popup and video call screen

Jane’s user journey

  • Browsing for products
  • Interacting with the live chat function
  • Speaking to an expert via video
  • Adding an item to her bag
  • The checkout process
Jane’s journey shown through a user flow diagram

Develop: Ideating and testing different solutions

Putting pen to paper

Initial sketches

Moving to low-fidelity and testing take 1

Low-fidelity wireframes: Homepage, product listing page, product detail page and chat pop-up
  • Users were not sure what icons were for which function
  • On the product details page, users struggled to notice the chat pop-up
User feedback from my first testing round

Moving to mid-fidelity and iterating take 1

  • Included a call out to the live chat service below the navigation to ensure users could find this feature on all pages
  • Made the live chat popup stand out more by pinning it so that it would scroll with the user
Iterating my designs based on feedback from users

Testing and iterating take 2

  • Users were able to navigate the site well through the navigation and completed the task scenario
  • However, users still struggled to notice the chat popup on the product page
Iterating my design based on feedback from users

Deliver: The final solution



Reading recommendations

  • Virtual shopping for retail stores >
  • Is Virtual Shopping The Future Of Retail? >
  • Video-Streaming Firm’s 1,200% Surge Hints at Future of Retail >
  • Resilient retail podcast: The Detox Market on rethinking the role of retail store associates >




I am a UX designer who believes in crafting seamless experiences, through research and creative problem solving, which keep users coming back for more.

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Katie Chase

Katie Chase

I am a UX designer who believes in crafting seamless experiences, through research and creative problem solving, which keep users coming back for more.

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