And hello to a streamlined profile completion process

A mockup of the final design for the SmartMe profile.


  • Sprint duration: 3 weeks
  • Brief type: Client
  • Deliverables: High-fidelity prototype and client presentation
  • Tools used: Miro, Butter and Figma
  • Team: 4
  • My role: Facilitator - leading client meetings and design studio, delegating work and developing client presentation
  • My contribution: Usability tests, designing and iterating the progress bar, creating the high…

Creating a concept mobile app to meet a classmate’s needs.


  • Sprint duration: 1-week
  • Brief type: Concept
  • Team: Solo
  • Tools: Miro, Marvel and pen and paper for sketching

For my first ever UX design challenge I was tasked with creating a mobile app for my classmate, Issy, based on the theme…

Katie Chase

I am a UX designer who believes in crafting seamless experiences, through research and creative problem solving, which keep users coming back for more.

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